Hair loss is the bane for the men and women of the world. The curse which affects millions of men and women across the world on a regular basis has not got a sure shot solution because of the mystery behinds its actual occurrence. But then, this might also be possible that hair loss is not cause prone to a single root cause but gets triggered by various factors in men and women each factor stimulating its own part. For any hair loss solutions or treatments to be effective, the possible causes of the hair loss like hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, scalp infections or allergies or inflammations, environmental elements and the likes should be taken into consideration before deciding on the best possible hair loss solution.

As tough as it might appear to find the particular hair loss cause in the specific individual, the experts usually look into the patient’s medical background and history for identification of potential causes which leads to the right option of the hair loss treatment. Like for example, patient’s age is taken into account and scalp micropigmentation may be the best way forward in some cases. This is because of the fact that with age, general health starts failing more or less, which might also lead to the hair loss problems. The patient’s surgery history or medication usage also affects the scalp health. Both of the aforementioned factors weaken the overall bodily health to the degree that hair loss prevails. The most appropriate hair loss treatment in such cases is to leave the scalp to its normal recovery process which initiates the hair growth like before.

Relevant hormonal changes are also a sudden hair loss cause. Postpartum hair loss is usual among women who experience hair loss after pregnancy for several months. Likewise, menopause also brings about hormonal changes in the female body often leading to hair loss.

Generally, there are four hair loss solutions in the world today. However, the most suitable hair loss treatment is defined by the identified cause of hair loss in individual. Most of the hair loss treatments are accompanied by options for natural hair loss solutions or a traditional prescribed medicinal approach.

The first category of hair loss treatment starts with the pausing of the hair loss to hinder the progress of further hair loss damage and promoting re-growth via topical mendicant’s application. The topical mendicant’s are of two types, natural like fish oil, olive oil etc. and medical like Rogaine, which is the most effective hair loss treatment mendicant available.

The second hair loss treatment category comprises of both pharmaceutical and natural medicines that are to be consumed internally. Natural medicines include nutrients like essential fatty acids, mineral based supplements and complex vitamin B’s along with herbal products like Saw Palmetto. The pharmaceutical medication includes Propecia which has some side effects and when not consumed cautiously and consistently can trigger the hair loss again.

The third hair loss treatment category houses the surgical intervention with grafts and transplants while the fourth category is the last resort of cosmetic solutions like hair extensions, wigs etc.