Hair loss is the bane for the men and women of the world. The curse which affects millions of men and women across the world on a regular basis has not got a sure shot solution because of the mystery behinds its actual occurrence. But then, this might also be possible that hair loss is not cause prone to a single root cause but gets triggered by various factors in men and women each factor stimulating its own part. For any hair loss solutions or treatments to be effective, the possible causes of the hair loss like hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, scalp infections or allergies or inflammations, environmental elements and the likes should be taken into consideration before deciding on the best possible hair loss solution.

As tough as it might appear to find the particular hair loss cause in the specific individual, the experts usually look into the patient’s medical background and history for identification of potential causes which leads to the right option of the hair loss treatment. Like for example, patient’s age is taken into account. This is because of the fact that with age, general health starts failing more or less, which might also lead to the hair loss problems. The patient’s surgery history or medication usage also affects the scalp health. Both of the aforementioned factors weaken the overall bodily health to the degree that hair loss prevails. The most appropriate hair loss treatment in such cases is to leave the scalp to its normal recovery process which initiates the hair growth like before.

Relevant hormonal changes are also a sudden hair loss cause. Postpartum hair loss is usual among women who experience hair loss after pregnancy for several months. Likewise, menopause also brings about hormonal changes in the female body often leading to hair loss.

Generally, there are four hair loss solutions in the world today. However, the most suitable hair loss treatment is defined by the identified cause of hair loss in individual. Most of the hair loss treatments are accompanied by options for natural hair loss solutions or a traditional prescribed medicinal approach.

The first category of hair loss treatment starts with the pausing of the hair loss to hinder the progress of further hair loss damage and promoting re-growth via topical mendicant’s application. The topical mendicant’s are of two types, natural like fish oil, olive oil etc. and medical like Rogaine, which is the most effective hair loss treatment mendicant available.

The second hair loss treatment category comprises of both pharmaceutical and natural medicines that are to be consumed internally. Natural medicines include nutrients like essential fatty acids, mineral based supplements and complex vitamin B’s along with herbal products like Saw Palmetto. The pharmaceutical medication includes Propecia which has some side effects and when not consumed cautiously and consistently can trigger the hair loss again.

The third hair loss treatment category houses the surgical intervention with grafts and transplants while the fourth category is the last resort of cosmetic solutions like hair extensions, wigs etc.


Hair stylist jobs are highly demanding and choosing a career to be a hair stylist can be interesting. It is something someone at high school would like to choose.  The beauty industry calls for you; there is enormous growth potential as a hair stylist. It is a people’s service like the job of doctors; you help more people to be gorgeous.  The beauty of this work is you can work flexible hours and you can be your own boss. Let us look at the possibilities on how to become a hair stylist.

Start early in High school

It is good to decide a career in the early stages during your school days. This is preferred by most girl students only. If you get three to four hours of leisure time, it is good to work with any of hair stylist or nearby hair salon. This way you can get the money you wanted and also increase the chances of becoming a hair stylist in the future i.e., with two to three years of practice. Mastery is ten thousand hours of practice and you don’t want to skip it. Come on, work hard.

What if you have finished high school already?

If you have completed your high school already then you must try asking for help with the hair stylists.  Many people offer great help and could be little tough than when you are in high school. This time, you will never have any distractions and that’s also a good thing. You can ask for any hair stylists and which college they went to, you can apply with the name of reference from them.  This can help you learn your hair styling subject easily.

Attend the course

The course will be highly rewarding and this is the perfect time to choose. Concentrate with all possible means to complete your course, many people enroll themselves in the hair styling course and skip from completing the work.  So, plan accordingly about your finances and the amount of time needed for the course. The study would be hands on and at other times, explaining the different styles in text format.  Make the enough money for course to complete it without much problems and worries.

Phew! The course is done!

Most people find huge relief once the course is completed.  It is time now to search for jobs in the nearby places or somewhere you prefer. Look out for the jobs that you can be able to do and get the advice from the experienced hair stylists.  You will have to work every day for the next two years, because it counts for the experience part.  You may not earn immediate money during this year but however you must continue to work hard daily to get the name and create a brand for yourself.

High Demanding

Hair stylist jobs are highly demanding and always there is an opening for this job near the street. Identifying the job opportunities and working hard to establish themselves with a name counts more than anything. That’s how more celebrity hair stylists made their fortune.


You must take care of hair every day and oil massage is the vital step, recommended by dermatologist.  It improves your hair growth and also improves your health overall. Here are the things that you should keep in mind before washing your hair. Mix two or three oils that can improve the hair growth and make shiny. Oils like castor, olive or almond add extra beauty to your hair. It will make you look good and arrest hair fall. Always make sure to massage your hair for half an hour before taking bath. It provides nutrition for the hair roots and enhances your memory. Using non-compatible dyes can spoil your hair and your health forever.  Hence it is a big NO.

If you are using hot water for shower, your hair might become dry and rough. It is good to stop using hot water for washing; it will spoil the hair follicles. However warm water can be the right choice.  If you are looking for conditioner, the best conditioner for your hair would be yoghurt or henna paste or eggs. Some people also use honey and curd, but sometimes honey causes your hair to grow gray color.  I would recommend you to stay with conditioner using henna paste or yoghurt.

These are natural conditioners for your hair and make it grow naturally. It will give you the lustrous hair you wanted to have and you dreamt of.  Washing your hair with soft shampoos every 2-3 days can be fruitful. You can also try the natural shampoos for your hair.  Whatever you apply to the hair, make sure it sticks for an hour or so. Your hair absorbs the nutrients it wants for your hair.  Herbals supplements are the future of medicine. We will go back to follow the ancient methods of medicine, this can help anyone get back their youngness.

Some people change their shampoos every week, which is not recommended. This can also cause hair fall and other problems.  Always stick to what works for you; all shampoos may not be suitable for you.  Some do use too much of shampoo and conditioners which may not be the right choice. If you are comfortable with the shampoo, it is also good to use the conditioners every other day. Keep your scalp clean from dust to prevent hair fall. Having unhealthy scalp can cause hair fall and cause dandruff. People who exercise a lot and have oily scalp must wash their hairs with shampoo, while it is not recommended.

After washing your hair, it is completely necessary to dry your hair. Drying is the process where many people do it wrong.  They use too much hot air to dry their hair. Drying their hair naturally and using towel to eliminate the extra water would be the right choice. Using Hair dryer at high temperatures can spoil your hair and stop your hair from growing.  Take care of your hair and be healthy.


Have you been dreaming of a long hair? While long hair can be greater thing in your life and it can also be a nightmare to maintain your long hair. It gives lustrous appearance for you and attract people to you. Long hair is hard to maintain and many people avoid having long hair which gets damaged often. First impression is the best impression, you must be good looking to attract the positive things in your life. Here we will discuss how you can maintain your long hair using simple steps.

Don’t use too much shampoo

Many women use too much shampoo all the time. They overdo their hair with different styles and shampoos, this can create a lot of problem at a later stage. It can kill your hair and lose its life forever. Initially it may be good but later it would spoil it and make it dry. Also people switch shampoos all the time while prevents the hair to grow better and avoids the natural feel. Silicone products are not to be used for short term benefit.

Hair brush? Yes you need it!

Hair brush is a must need if you want to maintain a long lustrous hair. Many people love the idea of long hair but they don’t maintain well, this has to be stopped.  Using hair brush?  Wait! Buy a costly hair brush because it won’t affect your hair from pulling the hair follicles or cause some trouble to your hair. Buy an expensive hair brush and clean it daily to keep your hair look good and free from tangles. Opt for a wide tooth comb, I would say.

Are you using hair dryer?

Hair dryer is not what I suggest! But you must keep your hair dried after you have showered, this keep the scalp clean and free from dust. It is not a right choice to use hair dryer because it can spoil your hair to the worst possible condition. Higher temperatures can make your hair look horrible and create dryness, which is not we want. Hence use a towel to pat your hair and remove the extra wetness from it.

Ask for expert advice

First identify the problem with your hair, identify where you need to work with your hair. All the hair are not same, some have oily hair while other dry hair. So identify the weakness part of your hair and consult with a hair stylist. It is good to ask advice from someone who is good at something.  Hair stylist can identify the better hair style for you.

Be healthy

Be healthy, that’s right! Eat the right foods to improve your hair growth naturally and be gentle on your hair. Avoid using too much shampoo and conditioners, avoid smoking too much it would affect your hair and skin altogether. Drink plenty of water to be keep your skin and hair glow, proper exercise is also necessary to keep your hair look great.  Never tie your hair tightly, use proper methods to maintain your beautiful long hair.